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Home Security Safety Tips:



The following are Home Security Safety Information and tips you to protect your home and property.

The best home security is to implement a variety of measures to make your home less attractive to burglars. The Following are tips and measures you can follow to greatly reduce your chances of having your home burglarized.

  1. Make your home look occupied at all times.  If it appears to a potential burglar that someone is home you greatly decrease your chances of a home burglary.
  2. Use automatic timers on the lights when you are away from home.  This principal falls along the lines of making it seem to a potential burglar that someone is regularly home. One step further, if possible make the timer operate the lights at different times on different days eliminating the possibility for a burglar to establish a pattern.
  3. If you are out of town, have a neighbor pick up the mail and newspapers.  Nothing says “I am not home, come on in and take whatever you want” like a pile of delivered mail, newspapers or packages.  Have someone you trust pick up all your daily deliveries to ensure it appears someone is home.
  4. Install a home security alarm system.  Well, we are an authorized ADT home security system company, so of course we would highly recommend installing a security system.  A significant number of convicted burglars said they would avoid a house with a security alarm system installed.
  5. Install Home Video Security System.  Along with a home security system installing video surveillance will increase your protection significantly.  Intruders and burglars will see a video surveillance system as a major obstacle and throw in an ADT home security system and well over 90% of thieves will walk right on by your home.
  6. Install motion lights around your home. Burglars rely heavily on the ability to NOT to be seen when scouting potential targets and entering a home.  Installing motion lights inside and outside your home will provide plenty of visible light for all to see, which is exactly what they do not want.
  7. Don’t hide spare keys outside your home.  Well, if you live in Perfectville then leaving a spare key outside your home would be ideal, but unfortunately we do not and leaving a key in obvious places like above your door sill, under a mat, or in that “secret” hidden fake rock that no one would ever think to search for is exactly where burglars look first.