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Burglary Statistics


No one aims to be the victim of a home invasion, but the reality is that burglaries happen more often than many people realize. Some of the more startling stats surrounding home invasions include:

  1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that a burglary takes place approximately every 14 seconds.
  2. Over 2 million residential invasions occurred in 2006
  3. 90% of police state that a burglar alarm helps to deter invasion attempts
  4. A home without a security system is 2 to 3 times more likely to be invaded
  5. In roughly 85% of burglaries, the intruder gained access through the victim’s residence or other areas not protected by surveillance systems
  6. Property crime, which includes burglary, makes up more than three-fourths of all reported crime in the U.S
  7. Burglaries accounted for an estimated 21% of property crimes in 2005
  8. The average monetary loss per home invasion in 2005 was $1,725
  9. Over 65% of burglary offenses were committed within residential structures, many of which were not protected by any type of house alarm
  10. 62% of residential burglaries in 2005, among those when time of occurrence was reported, took place between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  11. The number of burglaries increases between 1% and 2% every year

Statistics about how a Burglar Enters a Home:


There are some very clear preferences for intruders who wish to enter a home—in addition to the most pressing preference burglars have to avoid homes with surveillance systems. Using the following statistics, Tampa security companies such as DCSI, Inc. make suggestions about where your alarm equipment should be installed.

  1. 81% of residential intrusions happen through the first floor of the home
  2. 34% of burglars enter directly through the front door
  3. 23% of intruders come into the home through a first floor window
  4. 22% of burglars enter through the back door
  5. In roughly 85% of burglaries, the intruder gained access into the victim’s residence that was not protected by a surveillance system
  6. 4% of burglars enter through a basement
  7. 12% come in through an unlocked entrance
  8. Only 2% of home intrusions happen on the second story of the home