DCSI, Inc. "Security & Sound" 


All our camera installations at DCSI, Inc. come with a professional walkthrough and installation by our certified team of installers. In addition to the system components (ie. DVR, Cameras........ you have chosen) Our systems include: Cable installation, compression fittings, power supplies, demo, training, and end support. Custom quotes available to fit ANY Commercial or Residiential needs.

Smart phone mobile apps for viewing your DVR on the go!


Commercial/Specialty Cameras


Advantages to owning a CCTV system:



•Use as Video confirmation to an alarm event

•Review an incident at work without the he said she said

•Know who is at your door before you open it

•Video surveillance cameras let you watch your home in real-time from anywhere in the world by logging into a secure website.

•Increase production at work

•Visual confirmation that your children are home from school safely

•Know when a package is delivered to your home or business

•Monitor the children while you get work done in another part of the house

•Keep an eye on your home or business when you're traveling

•View your cameras live from your iphone or smart phone

•Record full time or when an event is triggered

•Save from days to months of video to your DVR

•Get email pics of events that occur on your custom schedule

Indoor Cameras

Outdoor Cameras

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Some restrictions may apply. Additional fee may apply to wire runs over one hundred feet, attics that are not accessible, conduit or piping that may need to be secured or trenched, A/C outlets added, internet modems and networking DVR. All systems come with nienty day warranty on labor and one year on parts. Extended warranty as well as service contracts available.